Travels Around Ohio 2017-2018


Picture Contributers 2017-18

REC Ross R Black II, EC Tim Mohon, Paula R Lively, Pam Blankenhorn,
REC Michael D Cecil, MEC Jeffery L Addis, REC H Jeffery Shaw, EC John Tansey,
EC Dave Kern, Donna Thomas, MEC J Keith Green, EC Jim Hardy,
REC Ernie Longberry, REC H.Ray Hardwick, REC John Hooper, EC Bru Lewis,
REC Thomas F Zeigler


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The quiet and solemn setting at the Northwest Temple in
Columbus before Community Chapter starts a meeting and
the Mark Master Degree. 1-3-18

They arrived and are getting ready for two candidates.
1-3-18 Ross Black

The Electric Eleventh gathered together for Ohio #12 and Westgate #216 inspections...and the reception of seven new Mark Masters and nine new Past Masters! 1-6-18 Tim Mohon

Ohio No. 12 returned the traveling award with an addition...a brand-new engraved plate. Thank you, Companions! 1-6-18 Tim Mohon

Canton Chapter #84 Inspection on 1/8/2018 MEC Keith Green

A lot of fun at Mansfield Chapter #28 Inspection. 1/15/18 Bru Lewis

Ft. Meigs #29 Inspection 1/17/18 MEC Keith Green

Fun night at Ft Miami-Calumet Inspection. A little ribbing of EC Jim Dollar. 1-22-18 MEC Keith Green