Travels Around Ohio 2017-2018


Picture Contributers 2017-18

REC Ross R Black II, EC Tim Mohon, Paula R Lively, Pam Blankenhorn,
REC Michael D Cecil, MEC Jeffery L Addis, REC H Jeffery Shaw, EC John Tansey,
EC Dave Kern, Donna Thomas, MEC J Keith Green, EC Jim Hardy,
REC Ernie Longberry, REC H.Ray Hardwick, REC John Hooper, EC Ron Lankford,
EC Bru Lewis, REC Thomas F Zeigler


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Huron #7 inspection. 2-1-18. H.Ray Hardwick DDGHP

20th District GHP Reception 2-3-18 MEC Keith Green

Findlay Chapter preparing to open for a short meeting before their Council’s special Assembly to confer the Royal Master on a
Companion. 2-6-18 Ross Black

Grand Family Meeting Oak Harbor 2-10-18

Inspection Oak Harbor #162 2-10-18

Hamilton Chapter was meeting for the pre-inspection. EC Bobby George is out of view and reported he is a 50 year member in five Masonic Bodies. An extraordinary meeting followed and discussions held about further meeting and inspection plans. 2-12-18 Ross Black

Fun time with the Companions of the 1st District at Northwest Chapter.
Had opportunity to help present service awards to James Manning,
Gary Powell and Ken Crouch.
 2-13-18 MEC Keith Green

Twin Valley in Farmersville gathering to practice for an
inspection in two days. 2-13-18 Ross Black

The Grand High Priest, Mrs. Grand High Priest
& Grand Daughter share breakfast. 2-14-18

AND the Grand Son

Good night at Circleville Chapter Inspection.
Beautiful Lodge room, good friends. 2-15-18 MEC Keith Green