A Fine Kettle of Fish


The cast(e) at Shelby.  Left to right:  Bob Crabbs, candidate Roger Smith, Joe Estepp, Al Bishop (High Priest of Shelby Chapter) Darrell Porter, Charles Bonecutter (DDGHP-10th district), John Worcester, Larry Byrd, Bob Draye (rear), Boll Windnagel (front), Kermit Zimmerman, Wayne Dill


On Saturday, April 12, 2008 Shelby Chapter #178 hosted a group of Royal Arch Masons for a special conferral of the Royal Arch degree.   The cast members for the degree were composed from a group of Masonic fishermen that travel to Onaman Lake, Ontario, Canada each September for a fly-in fishing trip.  
    After 6 years of friendly discussions, the one non-Masonic fisherman, Roger Smith of Lexington, OH, joined the fraternity at the One-day Grand Masters class held in 2007.  When he petitioned Shelby Chapter, it was found that the entire cast for the Royal Arch degree could be fielded by his fellow fishermen.
    Attire for the day was Canadian casual - blue jeans, fishing shirts, and tennis shoes.  Fishing vests and jewels, fashioned from old fishing lures suspended from twine, completed the attire.  In keeping with the theme, the cable tow for the candidate was fabricated from several fishing stringers.  The degree was conferred (with proper robing, of course) with nearly flawless work.  This amazed the side line members! Considering the cast was composed of a number of past and present Grand Chapter officers.  Now, if they could only learn to fish!!      
   Following the degree work, several of the cast members prepared a typical Canadian camp dinner.  22 lbs of deep fried perch filets along with all the trimmings were served to the Companions and guests.

 Cast members for the degree included:

Captain of theHost  
Prin. Sojourner        
Royal Arch Captain 
3rd Veil                    
2nd Veil                   
1st Veil                   

R.E.C. John Worcester, Past Grand Marshal
E.C. Darrell Porter, D.E.O of the 10th District
M.E.C.  Kermit Zimmerman, Past Grand High Priest
M.E.C. Robert Crabbs, Past Grand High Priest
M.E.C. Wayne Dill, Past Grand High Priest
E.C. William Windnagel, Past High Priest Oak Harbor Chapter
R.E.C. Larry Byrd, 13th District Deputy Grand High Priest,
R.E.C. Robert Draye, Grand King
Companion Joe Estepp, Shelby Chapter

Pictures of the cast members taken on the trips.

 Display board with various photos from the fishing trips.