Royal Arch Events

Inspection Haley #136 10-23-12

Wauseon #111 Inspection MkM 11-7-12

The GHP gave out three of his ritual pins to EHP Steve Brunn
PHP Gary Smith, and PHP and 33rd Chris King.

Hicksville #188 Inspection 1-1-12

Wakeman Chapter #177 held it's inspection in the
Royal Arch degree with 10 candidates present 1-9-13.

M.E.C. Donald W. Owens was there
with a few of the Grand line officers also.
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Sunday, January 13, 2013 - Kent Chapter - there was a potluck meal enjoyed by all present and then a presentation of a 65 year RAM Dues Card and RAM Pin to to Comp. Richard L. Workman. The pin and the GHP Pin were placed on his jacket by his wife of 67 years. A daughter was also present. He served to mentor many of the present Kent Chapter Officers and Companions. A retired fireman, Comp. Workman is a Naval Veteran of WWII and was at the Battle of Guam and other Pacific events. He recalled and reiterated many events of the Kent Masonic Community and Temple over the past 80 years as he worked with his father in maintaining the grounds and the building. The Certificate was made by a fellow Kent Companion as there is no specific Certificate available from the Grand Chapter. Companion Workman suffers from Macular Degeration and has extremely poor vision, but is still bright and enjoyable as his stories were enjoyed by all.

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Companion Richard L. Workman & His Lady


Inspection En-Sa-Woc-Sa #89 1-19-13 Royal Arch Degree.

Inspection Findlay #58 3-16-13

Inspection Findlay #58 3-16-13

Inspection Findlay #58 3-16-13

GHP Reception in the Ninth District with all the High Priest of the Chapters in the district with MEC Owens on the far left and REC Herbert Smith DDGHP of the Ninth Capitular District on right.

The 7th District GHP Reception and Hog Roast held on 7-7-13. Above the GHP and his traveling Companions. Far left the Adopt America family who shared the day with us. Left the White Elephant auction. Part of the proceeds go to Adopt America.

Never have an auction and
accidently sell the table decorations!